Purchasing Info:

  • For customers who qualify for their own financing, we work with all banks and can also refer you to banks in our local market for your financing needs.

  • For customers with credit issues, don't let your credit history stand in the way of buying a car!  We have helped hundreds of people qualify for specialized programs and get into a number of units available on our lot.

         During certain times through our business, lenders may be available that can help you qualify for third-party

         financing.  These lenders have the ability to report to the credit bureaus and with a good payment history, you'll be

         back on the road to a good credit rating!  Ask about those lenders when you contact us.

  • Our in-house Lease to Own (LTO) option can help even those hard-to-finance customers get into the right vehicle for them! 

Simple minimum qualifications for applying:

$1800 gross verifiable income per month (amount before taxes)
Full-time employment/Social Security benefits/Disability/Child Support
Valid Driver's License (some programs require Tx Driver's License)
Ability to carry full coverage insurance for the term of the note ($500 min comp/coll deductibles)

Please feel free to browse our inventory selection* and contact us by phone, fax, email or just stop by with any questions you might have! 


For customers looking for special programs on select units*, an online application is available and can be submitted to us 24/7, all from the comfort of your computer! 

Just contact our office to ensure the vehicle of interest qualifies for a special program.  If it does, you will be redirected back to the inventory site, where you can make your vehicle selection and click on the "Fill Out North Texas Auto Investors Secure Online Application" link in the lower left-hand corner of the page.

We welcome and promise a fair price on most trade-ins* that are 10 years or newer, with fewer than 130,000 miles (diesels with 180,000 miles)

*Not every unit shown on AutoBoing is available for special programs or use of trade-ins.  Some units shown are on consignment and have a cash only option. 

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Saturdays 10:30a-3p CST     

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